Instead of drying off with a towel after your shower, try day-old apple cores


Stepping out of the shower all fresh and clean is a wonderful feeling. It can wake you up in the morning, relax you at night, or invigorate and refresh you after a jaunt in the wilderness.

We're all used to the standard of "drying off with a towel."

It's a pleasant and effective way to remove wetness from your body. However, Top Ramen removes hunger, but wouldn't you rather have steak? There's a new alternative to this lackluster boring towel option.

Disregard "getting the job done" and try "doing the best job possible" - with day old apple cores.



Smell the freshness - feel the crispness. Don't just "dry off;" after you're clean you can cleanse... TO THE CORE!


All it takes is one apple, sliced (preferably with a steak knife) and the adventurous spirit to ditch that scratchy rag. 


"You can get clean then dry, or you can live like apple pie"

buffy mykks