Dog breeds as types of bugs

Scientifically groundbreaking important analysis of which insects best represent specific dog breeds

without further awoo:

Pomeranians are fruit flies • LABRADORS are ants

Pugs are slugs


Terriers are termites • Maltese are butterflies

Chihuahuas are mosquitos

Rottweilers are beetles • Chows are MoTHS

German Shepherds are grasshoppers


Yorkies are bed bugs • Hounds are silverfish

Pitbulls are house flies


Dachshunds are worms

Jack Russel Terriers are scorpions


Huskies are praying mantis


Greyhounds are daddy long legs

Dobermans are cockroaches


Corgis are ladybugs


Beagles are earwigs • St. Bernards are SNAILS

Poodles are BEES

Inconclusive breeds requiring further research:

• Shiba Inu

• French Bulldog

• Dalmation

• Cocker Spaniel

Seymour Butts