while out to breakfast, waiting on a cheese omelette, i started to doodle on the paper placemat.

at the top of the printed aerial map of idaho, i signed my name, which is something i had recently learned to do in pre-kindergarten. p.s. this story takes place like 25 years ago.

I wrote my first and middle name: Beth Allison.

Then I drew a heart. Then the number five (presumably because I was five years old at the time).

After that I drew a rainbow… THEN an ice cream cone. A star, the Sun, an airplane. a bow and Some music notes.

Beth Allison ♥️5️⃣🌈🍦⭐️🌞✈️🎀🎶

I had JUST finished sketching my kindergarten emojis when the server approached our table:

“Who ordered the cheese omelette?”

My dad immediately pipes in WITH A HELPFUL TONE:

well i believe that’s for beth Allison Heart Five Rainbow Ice Cream STAR Sunshine AIRPLANE Bowtie Music NOTE!”

In teeter totter precision, the server’s friendly smile fell WITH perplexity while my dad’s smug grin formed.

She hadn’t noticed my placemat or drawings.

I like to imagine she assumed my father had some kind of cutesy-tourettes. she dropped the omelette in front of me with nervous laughter and a rushed exit. meanwhile, my dad was reaching level ten pleased-with-his-own-joke status and i was both mortified and amused.

this zinger somehow turned into a running joke nickname. From that point on, my entire family called me “Beth Allison Heart Five Rainbow.”


long story short, my earliest dad joke memory serves as the INSPIRation for heart five rainbow’s creative MISSION:

”products that embrace the artistic,
the silly, and the near and dear.”


in other words:

never underestimate the power of a cheese omelette.